Entrepreneur October 11, 2016By: Anthony Pollino

If you’re running a small business, odds are you’re pretty good at multi-tasking. The fact of the matter is, if you can’t multi-task, you’ll drown. With the large workload the avearge small business owner faces, you need to be able to juggle.

And, in addition to all the work you have to do just for your business to stay afloat, you’re also constantly faced with decisions that could have a huge impact on how your company performs.

That’s quite a heavy burden to carry. It’s why many business owners choose to hire the help of a business consultant.

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant offers assistance to business owners in a number of different ways. They use their specific knowledge and experience to assist in the business matters you most need help with.

A business consultant can help:

  • Provide expertise within a specific market.
  • Identify existing problems in the way your business is run.
  • Provide solutions to existing problems.
  • Offer objectivity that you or people within the company may not have.
  • Teach and train your employees.
  • Help to implement company-wide changes.
  • Help your company identify certain business opportunities.
  • Improve your company’s organizational effectiveness.
  • Help influence people outside of your company for your benefit, such as investors.

How can you tell if you need a business consultant?

As much as a business consultant has to offer, you may think that you have things covered. Or maybe you believe you can figure things out on your own if you’re currently dealing with any problems.

But if you can identify problems – or at least see that something is wrong, even if you don’t know the source of the problem – you may need some professional assistance.

Here are seven signs that you may want to consider hiring a business consultant:

You have a growing list of unfinished projects.

Keep starting new projects only to put them on hold when other issues come up? Do you have multiple unfinished projects sitting on the backburner?  Then having a business consultant come in to oversee the completion of the project is a good idea. This way, you don’t have to take employees off other projects to finish them, which would just get you caught up in an endless cycle.

Your business is feeling stagnant.

If it doesn’t feel like your company is making headway in terms of growth, then your business may be stagnant. A business consultant can help freshen things up and identify what’s holding your company back. They’ll help you pinpoint ways to invest in the growth of your company.

Nobody know’s who’s responsible for what.

In smaller companies, it becomes even more vital that everybody knows exactly what their role is in the company and in the projects being done. If you don’t know who’s responsible for what, and your employees don’t know either, you’ve got a serious problem. A consultant can come in and help you figure out who should be responsible for what.

You’re regularly running over budget and out of time. 

This means that there’s a problem with your company’s efficiency. You won’t be able to fix your workflow unless you know why it is you run over budget and out of time. A business consultant will identify these problems for you and suggest ways to eliminate them. They can also help identify other ways to make your business more efficient as well.

Your employees are frustrated.

Employees who are frustrated, whether it’s because they don’t understand what their job is, what the company is doing or how they fit in the company’s goals, have low motivation and production. A consultant can help to motivate your troops.

You’re attempting to break into a new market.

If your company is taking steps to break into a new market, hiring a consultant that has experience and expertise within that market can help you avoid certain pitfalls and make your transition a more successful one.

You need more resources – but only temporarily.

If you need more resources on a big project but don’t want to take on any more employees, a consultant is a great way to bring in temporary help.

Hiring a business consultant can be incredibly beneficial to your company. If any of these issues sound familiar, reach out to us. One of our CxOs is standing by to help.