Marketing Advertising February 03, 2020By: Anthony Pollino

Whether you tuned into the Super Bowl last night to watch JLo and Shakira breaking it down during the Halftime show, to watch Katie Sowers coach from the sidelines, or to actually watch the game, at C-leveled, the commercials have always been our favorite part. Here’s our team’s totally biased top picks for the best Super Bowl ads of 2020. 

I love a good throwback. Bill Murray’s Jeep ad may have been one of the best celebrity features of the Super Bowl. I like that he spoofed “Groundhog Day” on Groundhog Day. Clever and enjoyable. 

Founder & CEO 

With just a simple voiceover, combined with simplistic text and beautiful images on the screen, Google’s ‘Loretta,’ perfectly showcased how brands realize the necessity in creating connections with audiences in more personal and authentic ways. Compelling storytelling, using real people to share real and relatable experiences, and establishing emotional connections, can work over flashy ad tactics and celebrities. I’m not going to say whether or not it made me tear up on the couch. (Fine, it did.)

Content Marketing Strategist

I liked the Alexa ad the best. Funny, clever, and current—and really raises an important question: How did we even function before modern-day technology!?

Web Development Director

I loved Microsoft’s “Be the One” commercial featuring Katie Sowers, the offensive assistant coach for the SF 49ers, and the first female to ever coach from the Super Bowl sidelines. It was all about empowering women. Working for a woman-owned agency, this ad made me feel excited to get up for work Monday morning and crush it. 

Digital Marketing Account Executive 

I loved the very first commercial, “Next 100.” I loved how the kids were invited in, and how they incorporated them into the delivery of the game ball. It also made me think about how in the marketing world, we’re starting to see shifts in approaches and tactics that incorporate and prioritize younger generations. 

Director of Client Services 

From a social media perspective, I was surprised to see that the commercials aren’t trending on Twitter. #HalftimeShow2020 is trending, and there seem to be a lot of mixed reviews about the performance. Even the news roundups and ‘water cooler’ talk seem focused on the Halftime Show, rather than the commercials, which is a bit of a shift from post-Super Bowl Mondays in past years. 

Social Media Account Executive

My favorite ad was the Rocket Mortgage commercial with Jason Momoa. Watching him peel off his muscles and hair was kind of gross, but super funny. I didn’t feel like I was viewing an ad for a mortgage company. And listen, I’ll admit this is coming from a personal point-of-view… because anything that helps to bring Jason Momoa’s appeal down a notch is pretty great in my book. 

Project Coordinator 

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