Leadership February 11, 2014By: Anthony Pollino

Successful Entrepreneurs Build Habits.

habits of successful entrepreneursHabits, like success, are something you must work at everyday. Successful entrepreneurs know that habits keeps you focused and move you through the tough times – whether emotional or business related, and we all know that being an entrepreneur has as many emotional ups and downs as it does market shifts!

Habits aren’t difficult to master, they just take a little determination and dedication. They also don’t have to be complicated. In fact, some of the most beneficial habits are the simplest.

Read on to find out what simple habits can catapult you and your business to success.

#1: They Eat Breakfast.

Successful entrepreneurs know that they need to fuel their bodies and their minds to tackle whatever the day has in store for them. According to doctor Neal Barnard, “your brain is a function of what you feed it.” So make sure that you start your day with the right mix of protein, fiber and carbohydrates.

#2: They Say No.

Running a business is a massive undertaking. It’s hard to be successful when you are constantly piling new tasks on top of uncompleted tasks. Successful entrepreneurs understand what’s important to themselves and to their business. They know how to say “no” to the things that aren’t. This doesn’t mean successful entrepreneurs don’t help people, they do, but they also understand their limitations and what they realistically do and don’t have time to do.

 #3: They Are Punctual.

Successful entrepreneurs understand that everyone’s time is precious. They show up on time for meetings and expect everyone else to do the same. Punctuality is a sign of dedication, commitment and follow-through. In his book, B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs, Dan Kennedy says:

“There is a link between respect for others’ time and respect for others’ opinions, property, rights, agreements and contracts.”

If you’re having trouble developing this habit, then maybe it’s time you work on developing our #2 habit and learn to say no to the things that keep you from missing important meetings.

#4: They Put Email in Its Place.

Email is one of life’s biggest assets and biggest distractions. To be successful, you need to know how to put email in its place. Top tier entrepreneurs aren’t chained to emails. They don’t rush to respond the moment they receive a notification. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs turn off email notifications. They set aside specific times in which to check and reply to emails. This habit helps entrepreneurs to build focus, stay on task and reduce distractions.

#5: They Make Time for Life.

For most entrepreneurs, there is no separation between work and life. We work at the office, we work in the car, at lunch, at home and we even keep our computers or smartphones next to our bed so we can work in the middle of the night. Blending life and work has its advantages, but the best entrepreneurs take time away from work to avoid burnout. Take time each day to do something completely unrelated to your business. It could be going for a run, playing a game or just spending quality time with your family. Taking this time will prevent your brain from going on business overload.

#6: They Look for Problems.

Entrepreneurs know that problems equal opportunity – and opportunity equals success. Make a habit of finding out what people don’t like and find a way to make them like it. Look for the things that cause trouble and find a way to make them less troublesome. Start with simple things – even things around your house. Listen to your friends and family. What challenges do they deal with on a daily basis? Once you identify the problems, you can begin to build solutions to those problems and then turn those solutions into a business.

#7: They Get Plenty of Sleep.

Not too long ago, working through the night was a major status symbol for entrepreneurs. It was a sign of dedication and passion. But now, the negative health effects of going without enough sleep are getting major press and many entrepreneurs are advocating getting plenty of shut eye.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos says:

“I’m more alert and I think more clearly” as a result, Mr. Bezos says. “I just feel so much better all day long if I’ve had eight hours.”

When you get enough sleep, you are more alert, attentive, focused and creative. Do your brain, body and business a favor and get enough sleep so that you can operate at your best during the day.

What habits do you incorporate into your life to keep yourself successful?