Social Media June 25, 2020By: Anthony Pollino

One of the most recent features introduced by Instagram is letting you survey the audience by creating a poll on your Instagram story. More and more Instagram users and influencers are adding polls to their posts and stories. The aim is to boost interaction and communication with their followers.

How to Create a Poll on your Instagram Story

Do you want to proceed and survey your followers and audience? Then, all you need to do is follow the next few steps to create a poll for your Instagram story.

Create Your Story

The first step is creating a poll on your Instagram story, and if you want to customize it, you can add images and seamless videos related to the poll to look like a pro. To do so, click on the sticker icon visible on the top right corner of your smart phone’s screen.

Once you have successfully added a video or an image you want to use for the story, tap on the sticker icon shown as a smiley face in a square.

Select the Poll Option

Among various options displayed for you, you will also find a poll sticker. Select that option and start creating your poll for the story. These are the steps you must follow to create a poll.

  • Type in a question that you want to ask your audience
  • You must add two possible answers –the answers selected by default are “Yes” and “No.”Always remember that the poll answers are limited to only two options.
  • Tap in each box to customize the responses if you want. The poll text for each option cannot exceed more than 26 characters.
  • Share your poll with the audience, and your followers will start voting. There are no options to customize the font or color of your questions and answers as of now. However, you can play around with resizing your poll and place it wherever you want on the video or images.

Poll Metrics

Your Instagram polls can help extract some valuable metrics related to your audience’s interactions. You will get the poll results in a percentage format. So, what metrics will you find?

Story Views

You will get to know how many followers and who exactly saw your poll. However, this does not mean that every visitor of the story voted on the poll.

Voting Results

You will also get to check the number of viewers who chose each of the options you provided. You can share the results of your polls with your followers. However, they will only get to see the percentage of each answer and not what each individual chose.

Why Use Instagram Polls

Using the poll features will help you discover your consumer’s interests, especially if you are planning to launch a new service or product. You can float out an idea of the product in the market and get real-time feedback about the probability of success of the new product.

Creating a poll on your Instagram story is also an effective and fun way to increase your interaction with your Instagram followers. Personalizing your brand on Instagram will help depict the human side of your company to your followers. Hence, the followers will know that a normal person like them run your company. If you want to create a brand strategy for Instagram, reach out to our team.