CNBSeen Mobile April 25, 2018By: Anthony Pollino

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Last week C-leveled held our bimonthly CNBSeen, which included our new format – Smart Sessions. This month we hosted Tom Anderson from Staberson Technologies, developer of the Apps4Clubz mobile technology, who gave an overview of mobile communication and how apps can help you reach your desired audience. A good customer experience is key to meeting the expectations of your customers.

According to Smart Insights, the amount of time spent on mobile digital media in the United States has outgrown the percentage of time we spend on our desktop computers. By taking advantage of a mobile app, such as Apps4Clubz, you can bridge the gap between you and your customer, club members, or other audience. With an easy to use interface and push notifications, a mobile app can help you cut through the noise often associated with other types of media like email and social media. Mobile apps are a way to give your customers the experience they deserve!

Apps4Clubz is a white labeled, customizable interface built to fit the needs of your business. Your branded app will be listed in both Apple and Google Play stores, with the option to have your information be public facing or privately for your audience only. When used in combination with other forms of communication, such as email, you can stay in front of your target audience and share important updates in a timely manner. Available as an off-the-shelf app, you can activate only the sections you need for your organization, making this an ideal and affordable option for nonprofits, clubs, and other membership organizations.

If you missed the session or would like to learn more about how a mobile app can benefit your business, contact us today.