Finance January 21, 2014

5 Ways to Get a Handle on Your Small Business Finances

Tracking your small business finances is critical to the success of your company. Unfortunately, following proper financial procedures is often not a priority for entrepreneurs. Many adopt a “I’ll get to it later” attitude or they simply assume that managing their small business finances is the...

Leadership January 07, 2014

7 Ways to Improve Your Leadership In the New Year

Being a CEO and an entrepreneur is about more than dollars and ideas. It’s about people.

December 11, 2013

12 Ways to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance.

Work-life balance is difficult to maintain for most entrepreneurs (and non-entrepreneurs) under normal circumstances. When the holidays roll around, they seem to make that balance all the more unruly.

Announcements Startups Entrepreneur November 15, 2013

Tune in for Another Epic TechVibe Radio Featuring C-leveled

Awesome news ‘treps!

TechVibe Radio comes to Bloomfield this Saturday to broadcast from our office! Tune into FM News Talk 104.7 at noon so you don’t miss a thing!

Marketing August 23, 2013

Marketing Audit: What’s Your Web Real Estate Worth?

The answer: A lot, but only if you optimize its potential.

Marketing August 19, 2013

Video Marketing: The New Content Marketing Powerhouse.

Video Marketing Puts a New Spin on an Old Content Marketing Method.

Video may not be a new technology, but marketers are breathing new life into this method of advertising. Video is going social in a big way and it is on the verge of dominating content marketing.

Marketing June 07, 2013

Five Things you Need to Know to Launch Your Product

You’ve got a great idea. You’ve developed your product with a great team and now you need to get that product to market and in the hands of consumers. So how do you successfully launch a product?

Announcements May 20, 2013

C-leveled Acquires FINTEL

We are proud to announce today that C-leveled acquired FINTEL LLC, a privately held company located in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded in 1999, FINTEL offers comprehensive data analytics, business intelligence and industry benchmarking.  FINTEL has a successful history of leading clients to better...

Leadership May 17, 2013

How to Stay Passionate about Your Small Business During Tough Times

Running a small business isn’t easy. Sure it has its share of excitement and joy, but as an entrepreneur, you’ll face a lot of tough times and rough markets. It can feel like the entire weight of your small business industry is collapsing on your shoulders. When faced with these times, many small...

Leadership April 04, 2013

Five Steps to Small Business Operational Efficiency

Get Efficient. Get Stable.

Marketing Sales March 14, 2013

Stop Being Intimidated by Your Sales Strategy

A Successful Sales Strategy is Vital to Your Business.

Whether you like it or not, every entrepreneur is a salesperson. We know that the thought of promoting your start-up and selling your product can be one of the scariest parts of operating a small business.  Sales seems stuffy and disingenuous....