Strategic Marketing February 28, 2020

How to Balance Storytelling & SEO in Content Marketing

When it comes to content marketing, brands need to be smart about what they are putting in front of their audiences–because that can make or break their brand image, reputation, and relationships.

Strategic Marketing February 26, 2020

The Next Big Thing in Strategic Marketing

Technology advancements and integrations, such as AI and big data, will be some of the most significant marketing trends of 2020. When it comes to strategic marketing, data-driven decision-making has become crucial to the success of any business. There is no denying that the future is digital. 

Strategic Marketing February 20, 2020

How Social Media Plays a Role In Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Social media is one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing toolkit to enhance your strategic marketing campaigns. With the right content, social media is a fantastic way to connect with your customers, increase awareness, earn credibility, and augment your marketing strategy to find...

Strategic Marketing February 18, 2020

How to Choose the Best Strategic Marketing Agency

When you’re setting out into the world of strategic marketing, selecting the right agency partner, whether you are looking to outsource your entire marketing or specific pieces of a plan, is critical. An agency needs to be a good fit with your company, blend well with your values and culture, and...

Strategic Marketing February 13, 2020

What You Need To Know About Converting Leads with Strategic Marketing

In businesses, every action is directed by the same underlying goal: increasing leads and conversions. Whether you’re creating a strategic marketing plan or investing in your business, the goal is to convert as many prospects into secured leads.

Strategic Marketing February 11, 2020

Your 2020 Approach to Strategic Marketing

More than ever before, marketers have to be on top of their game. That means staying ahead of new and emerging trends to keep up with market and audience demands. We’ve compiled a list of the top strategic marketing trends to watch in 2020. 

Strategic Marketing February 06, 2020

Solutions To The Most Common Strategic Marketing Problems

Trying to run your business as usual while keeping up with a comprehensive marketing strategy is admirable, but it isn’t without challenges. You may run into challenges such as keeping up with the latest digital marketing and social trends. Or, operational issues, recruiting and retaining the right...

Strategic Marketing February 04, 2020

How To Tell Your Brand Story With Content Marketing

Storytelling has been a prized art form for a long time. People connect, relate, and are influenced by well-crafted stories that build emotional, human connections. When it comes to strategic marketing, brands have long capitalized on this technique to create content campaigns that can resonate...

Marketing Advertising February 03, 2020

C-Leveled’s Take on the Top Super Bowl 2020 Ads

Whether you tuned into the Super Bowl last night to watch JLo and Shakira breaking it down during the Halftime show, to watch Katie Sowers coach from the sidelines, or to actually watch the game, at C-leveled, the commercials have always been our favorite part. Here’s our team’s totally biased top...

Strategic Marketing January 30, 2020

How to Budget for Strategic Marketing without Breaking the Bank

Typically, a reasonable marketing budget is around 11% of a company’s revenue – but allocating for appropriate marketing, and understanding how to get the most bang for your buck, is not always that simple.

Strategic Marketing January 28, 2020

Top Digital Marketing Tips, Trends, and Tricks

With more than 4 billion worldwide internet users and about 3.4 billion people using social media across the globe, it’s fair to say that no business can afford to miss out on the benefits of digital marketing.