Leadership December 05, 2012By: Anthony Pollino

Man Juggling

You can’t do everything yourself.

Entrepreneurs are excellent leaders but they are horrible at delegating. If you’re like most small business owners, you believe that you have to do everything yourself. You juggle your company’s payroll, finances, product development and marketing – not to mention the day to day aspects of actually selling your product or service.

You probably never stop working and you probably never relax. Every day is fraught with the stress of how to manage daily tasks and put out the next fire. You probably have a lot of fires to put out, because that’s what happens when you are overworked and in over your head. You likely operate under the popular misconception that being exhausted is an entrepreneurial badge of honor.

The truth is, no one person can manage all aspects of a business, not even a small business. We all have specific skill sets and it’s okay to admit that yours doesn’t cover all areas of running your company. The more you juggle, the less that gets done. Or maybe you manage to juggle and accomplish everything, but are things being done well? Is everything operating as it should? Are you operating as you should? Probably not.

Bring in the fixers.

Taking on staff to help you manage your business is not possible for many entrepreneurs due to a variety of factors. Many people resort to unpaid interns or temp agencies for extra assistance. This often makes the situation worse because what you really need is experienced leadership to bring creativity and structure to your policies and methods.

This is why people hire small business consultants – but hiring a consultant comes with risks.

A major risk is that a consultant won’t truly invest in your business. After all, they are only temporary and probably advise other companies, maybe even the competition.  Will you receive their full attention? Will the integrity of your business matter to them as much as it matters to you?

Many consultants come from large corporations. They might not understand your values as an entrepreneur or the important ways in which small business differs from big business. Will they fit in with the rest of your employees? Can they adopt your fresh approach to work or will they bring their stuffy corporate attitude with them?

We are small business leaders, not consultants.

All of these concerns have probably crossed your mind anytime someone mentions the word “consultant.” These are valid and overwhelming issues that likely keep you from hiring one. All of these concerns are the exact opposite of how we operate at C-Leveled.

We are not small business consultants. We are small business leaders.

Our Executives as a Service provides you with people who understand your unique small business needs. Our goal is to lead your business into the future, not just fix one issue.  No matter the CxO you need, we will provide you with an executive level advisor that will respect and care about your business.

We focus on what matters to you. We view ourselves as a part of your leadership team, not as consultants operating in a silo. Our C-Leveled executives work directly with your team to develop and implement meaningful, measurable and sustainable strategies.

When you augment your leadership with our EaaS, you give your business the attention it needs to function properly and get to the next level of success.

You also give yourself the chance to rest, relax and enjoy life as an entrepreneur without all of that stress and exhaustion.