Marketing May 11, 2020By: Elizabeth Waickman

In these times of practicing social distancing and keeping non-essential businesses closed, COVID-19 is leaving many small and local businesses uncertain about their future. As a local agency, and one that supports many small, medium-sized, and family-owned businesses, we feel this concern on all fronts. 

We know that these measures are designed to control the spread of COVID-19 and keep us safe, but they’ve had an incredible impact on business owners.  According to the US Chamber of Commerce, nearly 46% of businesses believe it will take six months to a year for the economy to return to normal.

But even in the midst of this pandemic, small businesses can and will survive the crisis and thrive after—by becoming more flexible, imaginative, resilient, and resourceful. 

Small businesses are an integral part of our society and economy, and their spirit and innovation are big enough to power local economies. We all need to support each other during COVID-19, and as we recover.

When you support local and small businesses, you’re directly supporting the development that builds relationships between businesses and communities and helping our local economy remain strong. Here are three quick, essential tips on how you can support small businesses in this crisis. 

Shop local and use local services when you can, even when shopping online. 

The vitality of local small businesses is critical to the success of our local economy. Shopping local is easier than ever right now. Many local businesses have shifted to online operations, in addition to the brick and mortar locations that will be reopening in the coming weeks, as well as providing delivery and pick-up services, with proper sanitary measures. 

Share positive feedback about your experiences and leave positive reviews online. 

Writing an online review on Google or Yelp, or making a recommendation on social media for local businesses, costs absolutely nothing, and it could direct many more people to try out their products or services. Additionally, local businesses need to hear from you right now–they especially need and want to know that you’ve had a good experience as they make adjustments for our new normal. By supporting them today, you are investing in their future.

Engage with your favorite local businesses on social media. 

When people are unable to shop in stores, businesses are looking for ways to engage with their customers online. Many are increasing their social media efforts and creating new forms of content and opportunities for engagement. Comment, share, and like their posts to stay connected with your favorite businesses and show your support. 

A decrease in consistent sales can threaten all businesses, but small businesses are particularly vulnerable, especially as they often don’t have the cash reserves to help them weather economic uncertainties. As a community, it’s critical to continue supporting local agencies and businesses so that we can continue to contribute to our local economy, and promote innovation through entrepreneurship, new products, services, and support. 

To our friends and clients, we want to thank you for being here with us during this uncertain time, and as we get back to business as usual. All of our team members are eager to help you across our areas of expertise, from messaging and content creation and creative concepts and execution, to social media management, digital advertising, and more as we start to settle into our new normal. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, strategic marketing advice, or to schedule a virtual coffee or cocktail.