Branding February 05, 2019

How to Give Your Brand a Powerful Story

What story does your brand tell? A better question; what story do you want your brand to tell?

When you think about it, storytelling plays a major role in our lives. As children, we were enthralled and captivated by stories; our most-loved stories were read to us over and over…and over…again...

Branding January 31, 2019

How to Choose the Right Rebranding Partner

Once you’ve decided you want to use an agency as your rebranding partner, the process can feel overwhelming when you start thinking about how to narrow down the available options. Here are some helpful tips to help ensure you select the right partner based on your company, your vision, your...

Branding January 29, 2019

Best Practices for a Successful Rebranding Campaign

Rebranding has a lot of moving parts and pieces, so it can be hard to make sure that all of the steps you’re taking are lining up with rebranding best practices. Let’s talk about how to make sure you’re on the right path.

Branding January 24, 2019

3 Important Things to Consider Before Rebranding Your Business

Like any new, exciting business change, once you make the decision to rebrand it can tempt you into diving right in. But that approach isn’t for everyone. Maybe you find yourself wanting to rebrand, but you feel cautious and are only prepared to dip your toes in the shallow end of the pool.

Branding January 21, 2019

How to Kickoff Your Rebrand on the Right Foot

Rebranding your business is a unique opportunity to debut a fresh look, while still maintaining the positive elements of your brand that resonate with your customers and set you apart from your competition. How you approach rebranding can really make or break your business.   A successful...

Branding January 17, 2019

Rebranding Research: Explore the Landscape and Develop a Strategy

The Importance of Research

Research is the power that fuels your rebranding strategy. Without it, you are making decisions with no real basis in the real world of your business. You need to establish a solid understanding of your audience and competitors to meet your existing and potential...

Branding January 15, 2019

How Do You Create a New Brand Identity for Your Existing Business?

You are an expert at what you do, which is why you are in business. When it comes to helping businesses create new brand identities, we’re experts at what we do. And if you’ve started thinking it’s about time to update your brand so you can better showcase what you do, that’s where we come in....

Branding January 11, 2019

When is the Best Time to Rebrand Your Business?

If you are weighing the merits of rebranding, it might be time to stop wondering when to rebrand, and to just go ahead and do it. Simply put, if there’s a pressing reason to rebrand, then it’s the right time to do so.   Whether your company is ready to move to a new image because yours just...

Branding January 09, 2019

Rebrand or Brand Refresh? Which is Better for Your Business?

Rebrand or refresh? Either way, you get a newer image for your business and the opportunity to examine what’s working and what needs to change. Each strategy has varying approaches, levels of commitment, and resources required. Inevitably, they could also have different results.   When it comes...

Branding Marketing Social Media December 20, 2012

PR Consultants Connect and Protect Your Brand

Protecting your business’ reputation is more important than ever thanks to the viral nature of social media and the internet.  How individuals perceive your business affects your bottom line. Public relations is all about shaping an image for your brand. It’s also about re-shaping that image when...