Mobile August 25, 2016

Thinking Mobile First for Your Web Design

64% of American adults own and rely to some extent on smartphones. That’s just shy of two-thirds of the entire adult population in the country. These smartphone owners are using their mobile devices to shop, work and play. All day long, they’re on their phone, ready to receive your message.

Apps Mobile Technology May 28, 2015

Mobile Apps Are Essential for Every Business, Including Yours

Mobile apps aren’t just for the brand giants out there. Not anymore. Any and every business can – and should – have a mobile app.

SEO Google Mobile April 15, 2015

Arriving April 21, 2015: Google’s New “Mobile Friendly” Update

The day has finally arrived.

How To Mobile Technology February 23, 2015

What Exactly Does it Mean to Have a Mobile Website?

If you’re not sure that your site should be mobile-ready in 2015, here’s your wake-up call: 2014 was the first year that mobile online traffic exceeded desktop traffic. Google has taken notice and is designating whether a site is mobile-friendly or not right in its search results.

Mobile February 05, 2015

Do You Really Need a Mobile Website?

Mobile Website Information Consumption is Exploding

Whether it’s new 2-in-1 laptops, tablets or mobile phones, mobile will soon be king for all things online.

According to the GWI Device Q3 2014 update,  80% of online adults now own a smart phone and almost 50% have a tablet.  The staggering figure...

Twitter Marketing Facebook Mobile September 05, 2012

Marketing Trends

Having successful, meaningful, profitable marketing strategies is something that a lot of companies struggle to do. There is a very delicate balance between too much and too little when it comes to touch points with a consumer.