Announcements March 18, 2020By: Denise DeSimone

Your business, your competition, and your market landscapes are constantly changing. Now especially, change is everywhere. In response to COVID-19, we are seeing unprecedented changes and uncertainty across the world in the efforts of protecting our shared health, safety, and financial security.

At C-leveled, we’ve always been all-in when it comes to your business, and when it comes to ours. We still are. We’re running full-speed ahead while taking the necessary and recommended precautions for the safety of our clients and our team.

During a time of crisis, crafting the right messages, protecting your stakeholders, and maintaining your competitive edge can be challenging. We’re here to help you create your messages and communicate with who matters most to your business.

Our goal is to maintain business as usual–so you can too. Here’s what that looks like. 

Remote Work & Tele-Commuting

Our offices remain open, and business hours remain unaffected. The majority of our team is encouraged to work from home for the time being. When our team members do come to the office, we’re following the appropriate physical distancing protocols. 

Continued Client Engagement  

We have temporarily paused the majority of our in-person client meetings and transitioned to video-conferencing and phone calls, in the interest of our shared safety and health. 

Renewed Commitment to Proactive Client Services 

We know this is a challenging time. Marketing services and business transparency are more critical than ever before. We’re doubling-down on deadlines, proactively communicating with our clients, and crafting appropriate COVID-19 responses and plans based on our clients’ unique industries, services, products, and audiences. 

We’ll continue to keep you updated on how we’re responding to COVID-19 in the coming weeks. Most importantly, we want you to know that whatever you need and whenever you need it, our entire team is here for you. Thank you for your continued trust and your willingness to work with us throughout this time. 

We’re all in this together. From all of us at C-leveled, we wish you, your families, and your businesses strength and good health.