SEO Google How To Technology June 09, 2021

Why Your Business Needs a Google My Business Profile: Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Google My Business is crucial to have set up and optimized for your business, especially if you are a local business who has customers in a specific geographic region. The best part is that a Google My Business profile is completely free. So why wouldn’t you set yours up? Keep reading for a list...

SEO May 13, 2021

Get Ready for Google’s new SEO Ranking System

Starting in June 2021, Google will be rolling out a new ranking system for 2021. So, what does that mean for your business? After this change, it will be crucial to optimize websites to these new standards to rank higher in Google’s search results.


If you’ve been thinking about redesigning...

Strategic Marketing May 05, 2021

5 Considerations for Your Email Marketing Strategy

According to Content Marketing Institute, email newsletters came in second place this year as the top content being developed for B2B and B2C companies. That’s up one spot compared to last year’s research, meaning that email marketing is more popular than ever.

Content Marketing December 22, 2020

Integrated Content Marketing for the IT Industry

While more industries realize the importance of content marketing than not, it remains true that particular niches find it more challenging than others to engage consumers with content.

December 15, 2020

Quality Control Your Content Marketing With an SEO Content Score

For many businesses, the biggest struggle with content marketing is building a prevailing system to evaluate the quality of content produced. That is where the content scoring system comes in.

Content Marketing December 08, 2020

Adjusting Your Content Marketing Strategy for a COVID-19 World

Your previous content marketing strategy is outdated. The unexpected COVID-19 crisis has thrown the world upside down while creating a new normal. The most direct impact is the drastic change in consumer behaviors and consumer expectations, which naturally calls for an updated content marketing...

Content Marketing December 01, 2020

How to Use Live Streaming to Advance Your Content Marketing

The recent update on Instagram and Amazon brought Livestream, most specifically, live commerce, into the spotlight. According to Cisco, video traffic will account for 80% of global consumer Internet traffic. Meanwhile, four out of five people would rather watch a brand’s videos than reading a...

Content Marketing November 24, 2020

Four Ways to Double Your Manufacturing Content Marketing ROI

It seemed that not so long ago, manufacturers sneered at the idea of content marketing. After all, the industrial niche has an image distinguished from other businesses that thrive on social media, email newsletters, and even blog posts.

Social Media September 14, 2020

How to Create Branded Instagram Stickers for Stories

Nearly 500 million+ users access Instagram every day, out of which 90% follow business accounts. Regardless, businesses need to improve their advertising game to get noticed, and this is where branded Instagram stickers play a role.

Social Media September 10, 2020

How to Monitor Your Brand on Social Media

Checking and tracking every online brand mentions is vital to your business’s success!